Hospital Kicks Out Visiting Horse--Off the Third Floor

Too many rules.

That's probably what one man thought who was hoping to cheer up a sick relative at a Hawaii hospital thought.

Too many rules.

One of Wilcox Memorial Hospital's visitation rules: No horses allowed.
The man thought the patient would enjoy seeing his stallion, said Lani Yukimura, a spokeswoman at the hospital. He and the horse entered the hospital earlier this month and rode an elevator up to the third floor, where they were met and stopped by security personnel,

Security managed to get the man and the horse out of the hospital, with "just a few scuff marks," she said.

If the man had brought a pet, say a cat or dog, it would have been allowed. It's not known why horses weren't included into the visitation mix.

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by Mondoreb
Aloha hat tip: pat
image: picasweb
Source: Hawaii hospital turns away horse visitor

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