Fake Coach Driving Fake School Bus Scams McDonalds For Faux Food

On March 14, a man posing as a basketball coach and driving what appeared to be a fake school bus scammed McDonald's in three different towns in western Pennsylvania for cash and fast food.

Police say the man went to unusual links to pull his scam; he arrived at the drive-thru window with what appeared to be a real school bus then told the workers he was a basketball coach and that he was "ordering food for his team". He'd then write a fake check which looked like it was from a school for over the amount due and drive off with up to $50 in change and fast food.

The man managed to pull his scam in the western PA towns of Warren, Grove City and Titusville before he disappeared.

A lot of work for a little cash, besides with the cost of gas, how many miles per gallon does a school bus get?


Source - MCD's Scammed
Image - Fast Food Nation

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