Democrat Dingell Wants a 50-cent Gas Tax Hike

Coming to a Gas Pump Near You?

Rep. John Dingell (D-oofus) has proposed a 50-cent tax on every gallon of gasoline to try to slow down American's gas consumption.

We don't know if a half-buck tax per gallon will cut back on American's gas consumption, but it will cut back on American's desire to vote Democrat come November.

The Michigan congressman's proposal comes as a reminder that most Democrat--and some Republican--members of Congress never met a tax they didn't like.

Some polls declare that a majority of Americans support policies that would reduce greenhouse gases--although with the record snow falls this past winter some Americans could've done with a few more greenhouse gases--when it comes to paying for those policies, there's a different story to be told.

Dingells' tax proposal will just make it harder for most Americans to make ends meet. If Dingell had paid attention in Econ 101, he would have learned that some products, for which there is no good substitutes, are known as inelastic.

That is, they don't respond to price increases like other products. Gasoline consumption is, for most people, an inelastic product. The majority of their gasoline consumption is for work and essential motoring.

A new poll, scheduled to be released on Thursday, shows 48 percent don't support paying even a penny more, 28 percent would pay up to 50 cents more, 10 percent would pay more than 50 cents and 8 percent would pay more than a dollar.

"I don't want to pay more, I don't think anyone wants to," said Karen Deacon, a motorist.

What do other motorists think of the idea of a 50-cent tax hike on gasoline?

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by Mondoreb

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* Michigan Congressman Wants 50-Cent Tax Hike on Every Gallon of Gas

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