bin Laden: Now You're in for It, EU

Al Qaeda lead Osama bin Laden is back at doing what he does best these days: issuing threats to the many people, places and things which threaten his world-view of Islam.

This time, he's threatened the European Union with "grave punishment" for the publication of the Danish cartoons, which he believes mock Islam's prophet Mohammad.
In an audio recording posted on the Internet coinciding with the birthday of Islam's founder, bin Laden said the drawings, considered offensive by Muslims, were part of a "new crusade" in which Pope Benedict was involved.

"Your publications of these drawings -- part of a new crusade in which the Pope of the Vatican had a significant role -- is a confirmation from you that the war continues," said the Saudi-born militant leader, addressing "those who are wise at the European Union".

You are "testing Muslims ... the answer will be what you shall see and not what you hear."

It is not known where bin Laden is issuing his threats from, but the al-Qaeda leader is known for not being shy with threatening words when he is powerless to bring about actions.

So apparently, he is impotent.

No jokes, please.
It was bin Laden's first message since November 29 when he urged Europe to end participation with U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

What did bin Laden say to the European Union, exactly?

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by Mondoreb
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* Bin laden: Warns EU over Danish cartoons
* Bin Laden's Latest Warning: EU, You're Gonna be Sorry

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