Seville Spain's Easter Holy Week: 17th Century Pagaentry

Virgin Mary Float, Los Javieres Fraternity
(Image - Sol)

It's called Semanta Santa, or Holy Week, celebrated in Seville, Spain, the week leading up to Easter Sunday. Brotherhoods, or Cofradias, march from their respective church to the Cathedral of Seville as decreed by Cardinal Nino de Guevara in the 17th Century.

The Penitents, Santa Genoveva Brotherhood
Image - The Guardian

Semanta Santa begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter with 57 Brotherhoods taking part in the procession to the Cathedral, the third largest in the world.

Penitents, Santa Cruz Brotherhood

There are four different Brotherhoods, Nazerenes, Penitents, Costaleros (Float Carriers), and Acolytes.

Penitents, El Cerro Brotherhood
Image - The Guardian

At times the number of spectators from around the world can reach a million.

The Christ of Santa Cruz Fraternity

Nazarenes are members of the fraternities which make up the procession. They carry candles and banners, wearing tunics, an antifaz (the piece of cloth covering the faces of nazarenos and penitents) and a capirote (the cardboard cone inside the antifaz, keeping it upright on the head). Source -Sol

Image - The Guardian

The Penitents are the members of the fraternity, who perform the authentic act of penitence, carrying a wooden cross, sometimes two, and, frequently, walking barefoot the whole distance of the procession. In many cases this is still done as an act of fulfillment of a promise to Christ. Source - S0l

Penitents, La Paz Brotherhood
Image - The Guardian

Source - Sol - Holy Week in Seville
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