House Democrats: Passed Largest Tax Hike in American History

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) recently sent out an email which highlights one area where the difference between Republicans and Democrats still remains stark: raising taxes.

Congressman Cantor:
Before adjourning for recess, House Democrats passed the largest tax-hike in American history; a rate hike that will soak an average of $3,120 from every family. In an economy reeling from a slowing housing and job market, this is a burden that American families and small business owners simply cannot afford.

Let's be clear – this Democrat tax hike raises the tax burden of every American, particularly the middle-class. Their budget, which they voted to pass this week, includes the following tax assumptions:

* Raises the current "10 percent tax bracket" to 15 percent. This would increase the burden on all American taxpayers, especially the lowest income earners.
* Implements an across-the-board increase on marginal income tax rates.
* Reinstates the marriage penalty. Approximately 23 million married couples would be affected.
* Slashes the $1,000 per-child tax credit in half.
* Increases the tax on dividends, which often supplement the income of senior citizens relying on Social Security.
* Reinstates the death tax, which is considered the largest impediment to transferring family-owned businesses from one generation to the next.

Cantor apparently believes that some of the taxes may be able to be rolled back or blocked.

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by Mondoreb
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