China: Beijing's Fine Dining and Penis Emporium

Beijing, China

We ran across a superb account of dining in China at a "specialist penis and testicle emporium".

From the book, The Danger Zone, author Stefan Gates gives a sublimely hysterical and all "too accurate" account of dining in Beijing at the Guo-li-zhuang restaurant whose specialty is penises.
The place looks like a smart kaiseki ryori (Japanese haute cuisine) formal restaurant, complete with underfloor stream, separate secluded dining rooms and hushed, discreet staff. I have come determined to avoid euphemisms - we’re making a current-affairs programme for the BBC - but I’ll admit the temptation is strong.
Gates goes on to describe, step-by-agonizing-step, the meal he's ordered, how it's prepared, the patrons, Communist Party officials and wealthy businessmen whom he says are "one in the same".

He said what?

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Source - Times Online
Image - Beijing - Bigger, Better!.
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