Barack Obama: Obama's Three-Point Surrender Plan Video

Barack Obama has a 3-point Surrender Plan for the U.S. military. He outlines it in under a minute in the video below.

This is a little one-minute reminder of what a possible Obama presidency means for America's military.

Barack Obama's 3-point USA Surrender Plan:

1-Will end the war in Iraq immediately
2-Will end missile defense systems
3-Will not develop new nuclear weapons and achieve deep cuts in our nuclear arsenals

Although this plays well with the 19% of Americans who are "Surrender First, Last and Always", most Americans do not want to lose the Iraq war.

Candidate Obama seems intent on winning that 19%.

by Mondoreb
idea: RidesAPaleHorse
images: davidsylvian; DBKP file
Source: Why Barack Obama Cannot Be Elected-52 second video

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