The Waitress: Just a Little Slice of Life

Our favorite TherapyDoc over at Everyone Needs Therapy has a delightful vignette, "The Waitress".

For those in a hurry, it's total reading time is perhaps 2-3 minutes.

It begins:

"Sometimes I think I should put up restaurant reviews on this blog. Except I rarely eat out.

The reviews would be different, of course. Like I'd leave out the food part.

For example, yesterday I had the pleasure of taking my niece out for lunch in the German Colony. She chose a fine french (kosher) sidewalk cafe.

The waitress is the hostess and busboy, too, and gently guides us to a table by the window. She changes the table cloth while we wait and we sit down. I can watch everything from where I'm sitting, it's perfect."

Continue reading the rest--it has a surprise ending--at Everyone Needs Therapy, "The Waitress".

The smart money says, you'll be glad you did.

by Mondoreb
image: dailyblog
Source: The Waitress

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