Man-Made Climate Change Causes "Snow Rage" in Quebec

Maybe the Canucks could hire this guy to referee...

Record snowfall, snow cover and cold records set throughout the world likely won't dampen the enthusiasm of the man-made climate changers.

Neither will one more story frost the heat of man-made climate change frenzies.

Reuters reports that across Canada, incidents of "snow rage" are breaking out as people lose their cool over the huge amounts of snow.

Disputes over parking spaces and snow removal have been been reported especially heated in Quebec, where police have been called to an alarming number of arguments about snow blowing from one property to another. About a dozen turned violent.
Recent Canadian winters have been mild but this one looks set to break all-time records for snow. One storm last weekend dumped 23 inches on the capital Ottawa and 19 inches on Quebec City, which has already received 210 inches this year. The drifts outside some houses are 12 feet and higher.

Last Sunday, a man in an upscale Quebec City neighborhood became so upset a woman from a snow removal service was putting snow on his yard that he shouted at her and then took a shovel and hit the window of the vehicle she was driving.

"The woman apologized and returned to work ... a bit later the man opened his garage door and emerged with a shotgun, pointed it at the ground and looked at her in a threatening way," said police spokeswoman Catherine Viel.

Police arrested the man, who will be charged with negligent use of a firearm, and seized a total of 13 weapons from his home. Viel said snow-related fights were unusually common.

"It's happened particularly often this year ... you have to be used to snow if you live in Quebec but it's been a bit extreme this year. People are fed up," she said.

The hot tempers may not cool for awhile yet, since Environment Canada indicates there is no signs that winter is about to end. It snowed once more in Ottawa and the City of Quebec last week.
Montreal is also having problems disposing of the snow. One massive mound is around 80-feet high and officials told reporters that unless steps were taken to dismantle the pile, much of it would still be there when next winter started.

We fully realize that weather and climate is a tricky thing: hard to predict and given to cycles of hot and cold.

Because of this record winter, which has negated the tiny average gain of the last 30 years, we're not calling for carbon tax credits, reduced economic activity, more taxes and regulation--for global cooling.

We know that climate and weather are incredibly hard for man to influence.

Eighty-foot snow drifts, record amounts of snow--even for Canada--and no end in sight.

What's an inconvenient troofer to do?

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