Jeramiah Wright: Obama Pastor A Portrait of Hatred from the Pulpit

"God Damn America"

Obama's pastor, a portrait of hatred from the pulpit

You have to see the video of Rev Jeremiah Wright's sermon to get the full impact of his vitriolic " ranting " -by the way, a word that is derogatory in the extreme, whatever youthful bloggers may think, if, that is, they know how to think at all.

Rev Wright's performance in the sermon first telecast on Fox TV is a sight to behold and something else to hear. It is hate filled, worthy of Farrakhan, and simply ugly.

To be very sure, I have been highly skeptical of Obama for some time now , and I have looked for weaknesses to exploit politically. But I never thought that I would find anything like this. Obama's "guru," his spiritual mentor, the man who officiated at the senator's wedding to Michelle, who led the church Obama has attended for 20 full years, turns out to be the "Christian" equivalent of Louis Farrakhan.

The heart of the sermon in question (apparently similar to many other of his sermons ) has been shown on Fox ONLY, as far as I can tell. The other networks, as much as I have been able to look in upon them , have all shown other material, or at most very short segments of the worst parts of that diatribe.

So now I know, as if it wasn't clear before., the mass media is invested in an Obama victory and will not in any way seriously criticize him unless backed into a corner from which escape is impossible.

It is that blatant.

Granted, I favor ( at lest generally ) the economic policies of the Democratic Party.
With very real prospect of a Recession before the end of 2008, this factor has special importance. My "pocketbook" tells me to favor the Democrats. But this is impossible, it has been impossible before today, but now it is ludicrously impossible.

A political expert--I don't recall her name--made an observations that sums it all up. The case of Rev Wright -yelling and screaming that the US government engineered AIDS in order to kill off the Black population, that the government brought 9/11 upon America, etc., etc.--is NOT a matter of guilt by association.

It is a question of Barack Obama's poor judgement in staying with Rev Wright's church for 20 years of hate centered and paranoid delusionary sermons.

Poor judgement of the very worst kind--for 20 years.

Obama sees little that is controversial about his church, as he says. This tells me, very clearly, that he has become so desensitized to hate and paranoid rantings that such nonsense seems unexceptionable to him.

And it is also clear that Michelle's comment, that for the first time in her adult life she has pride in being an American, can now be seen as anything but an isolated sentiment, but as standard fare at Trinity United Church.

A church that also happens to be racist.

As I said, you need to see/listen to the actual sermon. Surely it will be posted on more than one site in the next day or so. When you do see it, there can be no doubt at all.

Rev Wright utterly hates white America. Yes, he may make exceptions, and yes, he is capable of being on his "good behavior" when people like Martin Marty visit the church, but the essence of his views are that white people are to blame for all that is evil in the United States.

This is the philosophy that Barack Obama has willingly listened to for two decades now. And it is no wonder that he let a Freudian slip pass his lips in the days before the New Hampshire primary election, about how " we " are taking over now.

Who is the "we"?

I'm certain you know the answer without my telling you.

In other words, the stuff Obama says at public political events is all hot air. The slips of tongue tell us the truths he dare not profess openly. He may be conflicted about it all, and with good reason., but the fact is that it is his poor judgement that is now on display for the world to see.

Obama is exactly what I said he was about a month ago: a reverse racist.

Yes, he now disavows Rev Wright just as he disavowed Farrakhan a short time ago.
But it is far too late for such protestations to mean much of anything when, for all
the years since 1988, he obviously found little or nothing in their views to criticize or condemn Indeed, until Iowa and even later, he remained pro-Farrakhan and very much a devotee of Rev Wright and his sick values.

The following ABC news story (some emphasis added) is a decent enough introduction to the subject of Rev Wright's demagoguery and hatefulness.

But to say it one more time, you have got to see the video to really get a feeling for how vile Jeremiah Wright actually is. He is Farrakhan's "spiritual" twin.

I'm being excessive?

Not a chance in hell. Do not take my word, however, see the video.

You will say then the same thing , I have no doubts at all.

by Billy Rojas
Source: Obama's Minister: God Damn America, U.S. to Blame for 9/11

[Billy Rojas is a former college teacher of the Social Sciences, History, and Comparative Religion , at Phoenix college, Alice Lloyd College, Lower Columbia College, and the City Colleges of Chicago. He was formerly assigned to the US Navy as an instructor with the USS Enterprise. His previous article, "Obama and Culture Shock" appeared at DBKP on March 2 2008.] - Bigger, Better!.
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