Cop Claims Wife's Sex Life Led to Dismissal

The Perils Of Swinging ~

Pueblo Colorado cop Michael Bethel sued the city claiming he was wrongfully terminated over his wife's sex life. On Wednesday, the Pueblo City Attorney's Office announced a $20,000 settlement with the ex-cop.

The Bethel's claimed in a federal lawsuit that they had an "arrangement."

Tammy is free to have sex with whomever she chooses unless they're married or minors and that she also has to inform her husband. For some reason the couple decided Michael should forfeit his right to have sex with other women but, and here's the caveat, he can join in with Tammy and her "current" lover.

Michael claimed he was fired from the Pueblo Police Department when his bosses learned of the Bethel's sex life.

Not so, claims the Pueblo City Attorney's Office. Bethel was fired then charged with witness tampering and official misconduct. The witness tampering had to do with Tammy, and you guessed it, her sex life.

When a sex videotape of Tammy Bethel surfaced in a burglary case, Bethel was accused of trying to persuade a man not to testify, a man who had sex with Tammy. A judge threw out the charge against Bethel and he was acquitted on the other charge.

So the question remains, should a cop's private life be a factor in determining whether he should be fired?

While the Bethel's claim Michael was unjustly fired solely for this reason, the fact that he leaned on a witness to try to get him to not testify is certainly grounds for dismissal. That fact the incident revolved around a sex tape of his wife was tangential.

The city of Pueblo settled with Bethel for $20,000, a meager sum in these days of multi-million dollar civil litigation paydays.

In the end, Bethel lost his career because his wife couldn't keep her pants, especially for the cameras.

It's as simple as that.


Image - Pueblo PD
Source - Rocky Mountain News

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