Conviction Overturned Because of Woman's Large Breasts

It's a defense even OJ's crack legal team hadn't thought of.

An actress in Tokyo, Serena Kozakura, had a conviction for willful destruction of property overturned by the Tokyo High Court because of her large breasts.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Kozakura was visably pleased when the court ruled that her large breasts cast doubt and revealed flaws in the testimony against her.

"I lost work after being charged, but justice prevailed in the end," she said at a news conference she held in Tokyo after the conviction was overturned.
Reconstruction during an appeal hearing of the 38-year-old actress's alleged crime of breaking down the door in a man's apartment showed her breasts prevented her from climbing through a door as the man testified she had done, casting doubt on his reliability.

The high court overturned a district court ruling that found Kozakura guilty of willful destruction of property and sentenced her to 14 months in jail, though the sentence was suspended for three years.

Kozakura was pleased.

"I was always worried about being a bit fat, but this time I was glad."

She had been charged with having kicked down the door of a man's apartment after she had been kicked out following an argument with another woman there in late 2006.

In July 2007 the Tokyo District Court found her guilty of willful destruction of property, but she appealed.

At the appeal hearing, testimony from a man and witness both alleged that Kozakura had kicked a hole in the door and wriggled through it to re-enter the apartment.
The hole in the door was a rectangular shape 72 centimeters long by 22 centimeters wide. But Kozakura has a 101-centimeter bust and her breasts alone extend out 29 centimeters from her chest bone.

The appeal hearing conducted a reconstruction of the alleged crime and found that it would have been extremely difficult for Kozakura to squeeze through the hole in the door as witnesses testified she had. Further doubt was cast on the validity of the man's testimony because the clothes she had been wearing at the time of the incident were not damaged as they would have been had she gone through the hole, nor did her feet show any signs of marks that would have occurred had she kicked the door.

"There are considerable doubts about the man's testimony," Presiding Judge Kunio Harada said.

Kozakura is a pin-up model and actress.

As the late Johnny Cochran might have put it:

"If they don't fit, you must acquit."

by Mondoreb
hat tip: pat
Source: Big Breasts Help Get Actress to Get Conviction Overturned

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