As The World Turns Introduces New Muslim Character: Ameera

Ameera with Luke and Noah, As The World Turns' 'Gay Boys'

"I'm from Iraq."

"Wonder how many of your relatives have killed Americans?"
*From the Feb. 28th episode of As The World Turns

On Febuary 25th a new character made her debut on the long running soap opera, As The World Turns. A mysterious young modestly dressed Muslim girl who wears a hajib from Iraq, Ameera, who finds new friends and defenders in Luke and Noah, two young gay guys in love.

From Soapdom:
Episode #13,211----Ameera watches Luke and Noah at Java and then follows them home. Ameera explains that Noah’s father was her mother’s lover in Iraq. Now her mother is dead and Ameera is afraid for her life. Ameera used the last of Col. Mayer’s money to get out of Iraq. Noah and Luke discuss whether to trust Ameera and what to do about it. Ameera asks Noah if Luke is his cousin. Luke hears Noah say, he’s a friend, but then Noah sees him, takes his hand and says a special friend.

One viewer of ATWT left this comment:

Okay so today a girl from Iraq that has past connections and obviously fond memories of Noah's father showed up in Oakdale. first of all Noah's father did not fight in the Iraq war so why was he in iraq to make this connection to begin with? When the Col. was walking around beating his foolish chest Iraq was not a war or assignment he ticked off. Second and this is what really gets me today the girl mentions right away in Iraq where there are people or a crowd gathered there are most likely bombings that scare her. Okay I'll give her that, public bombings would most definatly scare me too BUT.....
Noah steps up and acts as if the girl is an idiot to suggest such a thing or the exsistence of bombs claiming he can assure her there aren't anything like that in Oakdale. wasn't it 24-48 hours ago Paul was the victim of a CARBOMB? Thank God the Writers strike is over because I don't know how much stupidity I can take.

In this week's spoilers, Ameera, played by actress Tala Ashe, "has a difficult time fitting in".


By Febuary 27th, Noah invites Ameera to stay in "Oakdale," the city where everyone on As The World Turns lives. He feels it's his duty since Ameera said she knew his father in "Iraq".

On a trip up to Statesville Prison to visit his father and the man Ameera mentions knew her now dead mother, Noah manages to hit a rut with his truck, leaving him, Luke and Ameera stranded by the side of the road.
Ameera feels uncomfortable sharing a sleeping area with boys, but Noah offers to be in the middle. Luke appreciates closeness with Noah and notices Ameera’s attention to Noah.
Yes, well, in some Islam countries Ameera would of most likely been beaten and charged with associating with, not only unmarried men not her father or her brothers, but also "homosexual" men, Noah and Luke. (The ATWT storyline has Luke and Noak "hooking up.")

On Febuary 28th, Noah awakens to find "Ameera snuggled close to Luke".
Luke awakens to find Noah snuggled close to Ameera. An expensive sports car stops to rescue the stranded teens, but takes off when Luke and Noah approach a few times. Angry Noah calls the drivers “jerks” and the two occupants, Chad and Grant, get out and start to provoke Noah. Grant insults Ameera, and Noah defends her and Chad punches him. Luke runs to Noah’s rescue and Chad and Grant realize Luke and Noah are gay. Chad and Grant try to take off with Ameera, but Luke pulls her out of the car before they can speed away.

Since Ameera is relatively new on ATWT, it will be interesting to see how the writers flesh out her character. At the moment, she is "mysterious" which is not surprising since soap opera plots would be unable to survive without this particular element.

We don't know if Ameera's character is merely pretending to be a Muslim. If the writers do decide that she is one, it will be interesting to note to what degree they introduce Muslim beliefs into the storyline.

During the Febuary 28th episode, Ameera, Noah and Luke are stranded by the side of the road, their pickup disabled. They end up sleeping in the cab of the truck. In the morning two drunk white guys in a sports car drive up. They ask Ameera where she is from. After she replies she is from Iraq, one of them says to her, "wonder how many of your relatives have killed Americans?"

When the two "jerks" ask Ameera if she wants a ride and after she replies she wants to stay with her friends, a fight ensues with Luke and Noah getting called "a couple of faggots".

When one of the bad guys whacks Noah upside the head with a crowbar Ameera asks him, "What kind of a man are you?" He replies, "More than just these two queers" and "we've only got room for Ms. Bagdad 08", referring to their attempt to "take" Ameera with them.

A solid plot of two drunk white frat boys trying to kidnap a young Muslim girl while beating up and gay bashing her defenders, two gay boys.


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