The Wilhelm Scream: The Most Prolific Scream in Movies

Chances are, if you're a movie fan you've heard it, especially if you're a fan of George Lucas' Stars Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark flicks. The Wilhelm Scream, the most famous "scream" in movies, and perhaps, the most prolific.

It wasn't until we spied the video, Wilhelm Scream Compilation on Youtube, that we learned the famous Wilhelm Scream has been used in over a hundred films since the very first movie,Distant Drums, back in 1951.

Here's a great little Youtube Clip, Atomic Bagpipe Pictures, that opens our eyes to the hidden scream gem, the Wilhelm Scream.

Hollywood Lost and Found has a great piece on the Wilhelm Scream, its origins and how it ended up being used in literally dozens of films, cartoons, TV shows, commercials and Theme Park attractions.

The Wilhelm Scream, the most famous movie scream we were unaware of.


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