Man Locks Daughter in Dungeon for 24 Years

This real life story is creepy, kind of like an episode of the X-Files without the blood and gore but creepy nonetheless.

A man in Austria was caught by the police and charged with locking his daughter in a dungeon underneath the house for 24 years. Yet this was just the tip of a horrific iceberg, as it was revealed that the woman was repeatedly raped by her father producing seven children.

The man, Josef, whose last name has not been revealed, was arrested by Austrian authorities in the town of Amstetten. He is charged with luring his daughter into a windowless basement or dungeon he had constructed underneath his home when she was 18. Elizabeth last saw daylight and freedom in 1984.

According to the Guardian, Josef's wife and Elisabeth's mother was unaware that their daughter was imprisoned down in the basement for 24 years. Apparently he had constructed a secret room of which the entrance was also hidden behind a secret door and accessible by code which allegedly only Josef knew. Josef had Elisabeth write a letter when she disappeared at 18, telling her family that she wished to be left alone, that they "should not search for her".

Elizabeth's Children

Elizabeth had seven children by her father. Incredibly three of the children were allowed to live upstairs after they were purportedly "left" at the home with accompanying paperwork stating that Elisabeth was the mother. Her father and mother raised them as foster or adopted children.

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