Random Roundup of Essential Liberal Clueless Pursuits

A random roundup of the trivial pursuits of the liberal and clueless:


After finishing Habitat for Hamsters in San Francisco, President Jimmy Carter went on to start a new Habitat for Hamas project in Gaza, building new homes for families whose homes were destroyed by Israeli bulldozers in retaliation for suicide bombings.

Jimmy Carter says he feels “quite at ease” working with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal. I've been meeting with Hamas leaders for years, I find them to be peace-loving people, and they are just misunderstood by bigoted Americans. If Israel would dismantle their system of Apartheid, and meet all the demands of Hamas, everyone could live in peace and harmony.

[From Jimmy Carter's Habitat for Hamas]

Doug Ross Line 'O the Day:
President George W. Bush, at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, explaining why the Democratic candidates were unable to attend.
"Hillary Clinton couldn't get in because of sniper fire and Senator Obama's at church.

Essential Trivia from Nancy Walker's Culture Watch at Right Bias.com

New York internet shoppers take note: sales-free Internet shopping will end in five weeks, thanks to rewritten state rules that force Internet retailers to collect sales tax.

AT&T warns that without substantial investment in network infrastructure, the Internet will run out of bandwidth in just two short years. Speaking of warnings, Americans should take note of Britain. They're suffering from a "why bother" economy because its benefits culture, high taxes and poor education system leave many people lacking the motivation or capability to succeed.

In keeping with my desire to leave you with a smile on your face, I'm including a somewhat racy joke, courtesy of contributing editor, CaptBob:

After a relaxing bath, Monica Lewinsky was looking at herself, nude in a mirror. Her frustration over her lack of ability to lose weight, was depressing her. In an act of desperation, she decided to call on God for help.

"God, If you take away my love handles, I'll devote my life to you," she prayed. And just like that, her ears fell off.

Useful advice on what to do with Useless Pundits:
I am sitting here, listening to all these pundits yammering on about the election in Pennsylvania, talking about who is wrong and who is right, and all I can think of is one thing. When will we finally embrace euthanasia for useless political pundits?

I mean can't we just put Bill Bennet out of my misery? The man is so fat and so stupid. He does nothing to help our side. And I am sorry, but that slick, mustachioed slime ball on the right is not earning any converts. He looks like a hillbilly pimp.

[From Blanca DeBree's "Sweet Jesus"

Question: Who's location is even more secret than Vice Preisdent Cheney's??

Answer: The Olympic Torch on its route to Beijing, Peoples Republic of China.

[From Anna's "Just a Thought"]

Monday's random roundup of the liberal and clueless.

by Mondoreb


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