Environmentalists Celebrate Earth Day and Lenin's Birthday

Earth Day 2008

“With the collapse of the Soviet Union, environmentalism has become the new refuge for the world’s displaced communists.”
-–Professor Limbaugh

Earth Day 2008 has come and gone and the only ones who took notice seemed to be teachers, politicians and reporters--oh, and hard-core Enviro-Marxists.

Red Planet Cartoons has a great post on Earth Day 2008.

Coincidentally, Earth Day and Lenin's Birthday are on the same day. RPC makes the good case that outside of North Korea and Cuba, the center of Marxist thought today is in the environmental movement.

Marxism was all about government gaining control of evil private companies. Enviros are also hot to gain control of evil private companies.

Marxism promised its followers a utopia: where everyone was equal, and received the same pay or goods--regardless of the amount of work one contributed. Environmentalists promise a utopia: where every body and thing is green and no one has to worry about global warming--or how to light the cave.

There are other similarities between the Marxist failed experiment in remaking human nature and the Environmentalist proposed experiment in remaking human nature.

We are all supposed to feel guilty or angry or both for living in a nation that we are told is the largest “consumer” of, well, everything and, at the same time, a terrible steward of the land and such. There are two things that environmentalists hate, one is consumption and the other is the human beings doing it.

The only problem with these accusations is that they are, like virtually everything environmentalists tell us, wrong.

It's a quick course in history, environmental "facts" and connecting the dots.

Red Planet Cartoons: Earth Day 2008.

Because what threatens the environment and what is threatening to the environmentalists are two completely different things.

by Mondoreb
image: Red Planet Cartoons
Source: Earth Day 2008


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