Hillary Clinton: Going Ga-Ga over Guns and God

Since Barack Obama's "Hillbilly Twofer" Friday, Hillary Clinton's been sounding like her best buddies are Smith and Wesson--and that she'd like to take the both of them to church in a small town somewhere.

Clinton has been looking for ways to distinguish herself from Obama--in ways that don't involve the regular Democrat Party identity group politics. Apparently, she was inspired by Obama's latest revelation about bitter smalltown God-and-gun Pennsylvanians.

Saturday, she campaigned in Indiana, portraying herself as a gun-totin', God-fearin' daughter of the Republic. She also did an about-face for the Socialist programs she's advocated--nationalized health care, for one--talking about what's right with America, for a change.
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton managed to co-opt Mr. Obama’s message of hope and optimism, beginning a speech in Valparaiso, Ind., by talking about how positive and “fundamentally optimistic” Americans are.

“We don’t get bogged down and looking back – we’re always looking forward,” she said, as heavy applause nearly drowned out her words. “Whatever obstacle we see, we get over it. Whatever challenge we have, we meet it. We’re the problem-solvers, we’re the innovators, we’re the people who make the better future.”

Sounds like she was channeling the spirit of Ronald Reagan.

But, like most things Clintonesque, Clinton's change of heart is only superficial. If Mrs. Clinton is able to somehow get in front of the Obama movement and take the White House over once more, she'd soon return to putting her trust in Big Government instead of ordinary Americans.
For the third time since Mr. Obama’s remarks were made public Friday night, Mrs. Clinton criticized him at length, saying his comments seemed “kind of elitist and out of touch.”

“I disagree with Senator Obama’s assertion that people in our country cling to guns and have certain attitudes about immigration or trade simply out of frustration,” she said.

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For someone who is half of the $100 million cash machine the Clintons have become since leaving office, the "elitist" tag rings a bit hollow.
She described herself as a pro-gun churchgoer, recalling that her father taught her how to shoot a gun when she was a young girl and said that her faith “is the faith of my parents and my grandparents.”

For any observer who remembers the beginning of the Hillary Clinton campaign--started over 15 months ago--and its strict adherence to the most liberal of lines, this sudden love of guns and God and the Americans who love them is amusing. Of course, back in January of 2007, the Clintons never imagined that the threat to HRC would come from the left.

Way back in 1999, Clinton's tune was markedly different: she was urging Americans to call and pressure their Congressman to "buck the gun lobby" on gun control issues.
''The senators need to hear from all of us,'' Mrs. Clinton said. She urged voters ''to give them the encouragement to do what they know is right and to remind them that there are many, many millions of American voters and citizens who will stand behind political leaders who are brave enough to buck the gun lobby, wherever that may take us, so that they will vote for the measures that we know will save lives.''

Although Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are almost identical in their stands on most of the issues, Clinton is now trying to appeal to the very same conservative elements she claimed she was terrified of when her husband was in office.

When the "vast right wing conspiracy" is your last hope of salvation, you know you're in big, big trouble.

by Mondoreb
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