Ultimate Car for the Ultimate Limosine Liberal

With illegal immigration, globaloney, Obamania and the latest McCain inanity, we'd completely forgotten to check out one of our favorite sites: The People's Cube.

It's a good place for Monday web surfers to slow down, pull in and take a gander. Any day surfers, for that matter.

The graphic above is from their latest offering, "Chevy Bill Ayers: A Classic Ride for Limousine Liberals".

Can't win at the ballot box? Get a Chevy Bill Ayers!

* Reinforced bumpers: perfect for ramming government buildings
* With the top down everyone can see you giving the finger

There are many other features to this contemporary CHEvy model. You can check them out at The People's Cube.

In the meantime, you might want to contact your GM dealer about reserving this sleek, stylish driving machine.

by Mondoreb
image/source: Chevy Bill Ayers: A Classic Ride for Limousine Liberals


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