UFOs: Photos, Film, and UFO Cams

Bonaventura Salimbeni's "The Glorification of the Eucharist" painted in 1600 can be seen in the Church of San Pietro in Tuscany. No one knows why Salimbeni chose to paint this object which resembles a Russian Sputnik satellite into his rendition of the Holy Trinity.

Since we've yet to be graced by an "official" UFO visit then we have to rely on pictures, photos, or film, usually "top-secret" and "confidential" of alleged UFO sightings. We decided to post a few "UFO" photos, a painting from 1600, a UFO webcam, and a film of an alleged 1969 UFO crash in the Sverdlovsk region of Russian from the documentary, "The Secret KGB UFO Files".

Aside from the fact that the makers of the documentary claim the film came in original KGB canisters and "testimony" from a "credible" former KGB operative, in the end it's up to our own visual assessment of the film. Was there something in it or about it that made the viewer come away with the impression that the film is an elaborate hoax, the real thing, or something that could go either way.

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