Pizza Hut Fires Driver Who Defends Himself in Robbery

A pizza delivery driver saved his own life but lost his job after he used a gun against a deadly assailant in a Des Moines, Iowa, robbery.

Pizza Hut driver James William Spiers III was accosted after he attempted to deliver an order to the Sutton Hill Apartments at 10:30 p.m. on March 27 in Des Moines. Suspect 19-year-old Kenneth Jimmerson allegedly held a gun to Spiers' head and demanded money. Spiers, who has a valid gun permit, ended up with both his and Jimmerson's guns while Jimmerson was shot three times by the Pizza Hut driver.

Jimmerson, who survived the gunshot wounds, was arrested and charged with first degree robbery. An 18-year-old girl, Melanie Stout, was arrested and charged with conspiracy after the cops allege Stout was the one who called in the order.

Pizza Hut fired Spiers but not before they offered the long time driver counseling, a small severance package, and help in securing new employment.

On the site, Pizza Marketplace, James Bickers wrote about the perils of pizza delivery drivers in 2002 called Danger Zone. Bickers pointed out a case similar to Spiers, where a driver in Washington, D.C. in the late 1970's used a handgun to scare off a robber. After the manager announced that none of his drivers were allowed to carry guns robberies of drivers dramatically increased but that after the no-gun policy was dropped robberies decreased dramatically. If this is true, then Pizza Hut's public announcement that it does not allow its drivers to carry guns may result in even more robbery and/or murder attempts of its drivers.

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