Father Who Locked Daughter in Basement 24 Years: New Details Emerge

More details have emerged in the story coming out of Amstettin, Austria, of the father who now admits he locked his daughter in the dungeon like basement of his home for 24 years and that he committed "incest" with her.

The Sins of The Father

Josef Fritzl

Josef Fritzl admits he not only locked his 19-year-old daughter Elisabeth in a homemade dungeon, but that he also "fathered" seven children with her acting as midwife.

According to the Austrian Times, Josef warned his daughter and the three children sentenced to remain below, that the cellar-dungeon was booby trapped. Police took this threat seriously as Josef was a qualified electrician as well as a retired engineer in construction who had wired several electronic locks on his property.

Josef's background as a retired engineer who worked in construction may explain how he was able to build a secret set of rooms in the basement of the family home, a gray concrete villa in Amstettin, Austria. The hidden entrance to the dungeon was so "secret" that supposedly even his own wife and Elisabeth's mother had 'no idea' that downstairs in the cellar was her imprisoned daughter and three of her children.

A son-in-law who lived in the house for 3 years said he had been in the cellar on one occasion and that it was filled with junk, that he had "no idea that a few metres away this family were living".


According to the Austrian Times, at age 19, Elisabeth, working as a waitress at a local service station, was reported missing to the police by her mother on August 29, 1984. A few weeks later a "letter" arrived from the girl where she purportedly told her parents to "let her live her own life" and to "respect her wishes". By this time Elisabeth had already been drugged, handcuffed by her father, and locked away in the homemade dungeon beneath the family villa. She had no idea the next time she would be allowed to leave would be seven children and 24 years later.

Josef's cruelty knew no bounds as he chose to allow three of the children a "means" of escape from the basement by allegedly depositing the babies on the doorstep, papers in hand from Elisabeth, stating the children were hers but that she could not take care of them.

The first baby on the doorstep, Lisa, arrived in May of 1993 with a "note" from Elisabeth. The note stated that Elisabeth already had two children and could not take care of a third.

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