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Maybe he's a typical white guy.

Maybe he's one of those "bitter" Americans who cling to his guns and Bible.

Maybe he's one of the Mainstream Media/Democrat favorite whipping boys from 1994: The Angry White Male.

But whatever he is, whatever they're paying this guy--he's worth every penny and a helluva lot more.

The more I looked at these pics the more I realized that those are attachments on the outriggers purpose designed and built for just this application. Since the machine is almost the same width as the rail car, they had to figure out how to keep it from slipping off either side once they got it up there.

That problem solved, the rest is accomplished by damn good hydraulics and mad operator skills.

The last pic doesn't fit the others in the series though. It shows the hoe at the back of the rail car it's unloading which means that they backed another car across that road under the hoe end and pushed the whole works backwards off the easement. If you look closely at the last pic you can just see the front edge of the car the hoe is sitting on in the first series of pics.

I can just imagine these guys sitting around at the "Do Drop Inn" over a couple of brews saying "Hey.....Earl.....how're we gonna get that hoe up there and keep her there without dumpin' her off either side?"

Earl: "Piece o' cake Bubba.....alls we gotta do is........................"

American ingenuity in action.

"Necesssity is the mother of invention".

And no one, but NO ONE, does it better than Americans.

by RidesAPaleHorse
images: RAPH


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