Josef Fritzl: Father Who Kept Daughter Captive Built "Dungeon" With Government Grant

Government Grant Paid for Secret Dungeon

New details have emerged in the case of Josef Fritzl, the Austrian father who held his daughter captive as a sex-slave for 24 years in a secret basement prison and fathered all seven of her children. How Fritzl was able to get a government grant for thousands of pounds to finance his diabolical dungeon and how his daughter and three of her children locked in a secret room in the cellar failed to raise anyone's suspicions.

It's been reported that authorities are looking into whether Fritzl, the father of Elisabeth, the daughter he held captive, plus six other children with his wife, Rosemarie, was convicted of raping a woman back in the late sixties and served time in prison. So far the authorities haven't disavowed the information but haven't said it's true.

Another detail that has emerged is that the Fritzl family home also served as an apartment house to 8 other tenant flats. One former tenant whose flat was directly above the basement and the secret prison, a 42-year-old petrol pump attendant, said that he was "shocked" when he opened a paper and read the news of Elisabeth and her seven children, how he realized "all this awful stuff had been happening in the same house where I used to live".

The former tenant went on to state that Friztl banned his tenants from going into the basement or the back garden. Alfred Dubanovsky said that he rented the flat directly above the basement for 12 years, that he had moved out last year. He also said that Josef warned the tenants that the basement was guarded by a "sophisticated electronic alarm" and that anyone caught down there would have their lease terminated immediately.

Dubanovsky said that from his window he could look out to the back garden and that he saw Josef use a wheelbarrow to bring food to the cellar... and only at night. Another strange tidbit from Dubanovsky, a grown son of Josef and Rosemarie lived at home but was only allowed to go out one night a week.

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