British 7 Yr-Olds: Supermarket Sells Push-Up Bra, Pole Dancing Kit

Pole Dancing, "clean, wholesome fun" for the whole family!

According to Britain's supermarket giant Tesco, 7-yr-old girls could use one of their push-up padded bras, perhaps while playing with their new super fun toy, the Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit. Once they've reached 11, prepubescent girls can sign up for lessons offered by the local city Council, Introductory Pole Dancing.

The U.K. supermarket giant Tesco stands by its decision to sell push-up padded bras to girls as young as seven years old despite complaints from parents, the National Union of Teachers, the children's charity NSPCC, and fashion lecturers, because, according to Tesco, the padded, uplift bra was designed to "cover up, not flatter", and that Tesco had sought input from parents.

Tesco seems to follow its own agenda in regards to what is "appropriate" for kids, particularly prepubescent girls when in 2006 the store was forced to remove the pole-dancing kit, Peekaboo, from its online toy section and move it over to the sports section under "Fitness Accessories".

We did a cursory search of the online Tesco store and couldn't find the Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit. What we did find was an article in the Daily Mail in 2007 where the town Council of Cardiff offered pole dancing lessons to children as young as 11.

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