Speed and Pot(holes)

Creative Speed Control

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It's that time of year again if you live in areas where it warms and freezes.

Pothole time. Here's a few pictures of a company which used potholes to their ad-vantage.

ANATOMY of A GREAT AD STUNT: Several large stickers of pictures of a pothole were laid on the road to create the illusion of real potholes. Approaching drivers would see the stickers, think they were real potholes, and slow down.

But they didn't feel anything when they ran over the stickers.

The message "FEELS LIKE PIONEER SUSPENSION" was painted on the road immediately ahead.

The drivers probably had mixed emotions. Happy that their car wasn't jarred apart by the humongous potholes; "WTF?!?" for putting them through the aggravation of perhaps slamming on their brakes for a sticker.

These stickers have a great future in speed control.

by Mondoreb
image/idea: RidesAPaleHorse
Source: Pioneer Suspension: Pothole


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