Terrorist Alert: Atom Bomb Attack Instructions from the '50s

"Duck and Cover"

Not sure what to do when the next time terrorists detonate an atom bomb in Kansas City?

Take 2 minutes to review these tips from the 1950s instructional video we found.

Brings back the days of the old atom bomb drills we did in first grade in Dallas, TX. Everyone would go into the hallway, kneel down and put their heads on the floor next to their lockers.

If you couldn't make it to the hallway, you were to crawl under your desk and cover up with your hands.

The effectiveness of the instructions can't be argued with: How many first-grade students in Dallas ever died in an atom bomb attack?

Of course, by the 1970s, nuclear weapons had changed the strategic calculation and survival instructions. The formula was boiled down to an even simpler set of rules.

The last 2 instructions on the poster above were:

6. Immediately upon seeing the brilliant nuclear flash, bend over and place your head firmly between your legs.

7. Then kiss your ass goodbye.

Sometimes, it's hard to improve on good advice from the past.

by Mondoreb
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