Men with Machetes Rob Aussie Club, End up Hog-Tied

Robbers wearing ski masks and waving machetes burst into a western Sydney club in Australia Wednesday evening only to end up hog-tied and beaten by bikers.

The robbers had burst into the club and yelled at the patrons to "lie down" while they attempted to rob the cash register. What they didn't realize was that 50 members of the Southern Cross Cruiser Club were meeting in another room.
‘We caught him at the fence and crash-tackled him and hog-tied him to the ground and waited for the police to get there,’’ Jester said.

There's an estimated 35 outlaw biker gangs in Australia with 3,500 members. Aussies call them "bikies."

In 2007 the Aussie police vowed a "crackdown" on bikies during the funeral of a member of the Bandidos. The police were going to "get tough" by issuing tickets for not wearing a helmet and that all bikies were licensed and their bikes registered.

This action by the Aussie police stems from violence between different gangs, shootings and arson over "drug distribution."

As for the two robbers, in trying to escape the bikers one leapt off a balcony while the other tried to flee through a service entrance only to end up slightly beaten but humiliatingly hog-tied.


Image - Aussie Biker Gang
Source - Sun Times
Source - Foreign Policy
Source - Times Online
Image - Biker sign


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