Ralph Nader for President 2008? It Looks Like It

Nader to announce plans on "Meet the Press" Sunday

Ralph Nader, coming to a 2008 November ballot for president, near you?

Ralph Nader will be on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday to possibly announce that he in entering the 2008 presidential race.

Nader used the NBC Sunday news show to kick off his 2004 presidential run.
Kevin Zeese, who was Nader's spokesman during the 2004 presidential race, but is no longer working for him, said Friday that Nader has been actively talking to "lots of people on all sorts of levels" about the possibility of making another run.

Zeese said he could only guess what Nader might do, but added: "Obviously, I don't think ("Meet the Press" host) Tim Russert would have him on for no reason.

This will kill the buzz of many top DNC members, as well as put a pity party on the schedule of the leftblogophere.

From Right Pundits:
Nader chapped Democrats in 2000 by running as a Green Party candidate and costing Al Gore the White House. The DNC waged an all out war on Nader in 2004 trying to remove his name from ballots on technicalities. Nader has already established a presidential exploratory committee which is actively seeking donations and hiring employees.

The news will surely cause some Democrats to say, "The man who killed the Corvair is trying to kill the Democrat dreams for 2008."

That's too bad.

Many of those very same people were cheering when Nader killed the Corvair.

by Mondoreb
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