Teen Discovers Photos Posted by Mom on Porn Sites

Image you decide to look yourself up on the web. You pop your name into a search engine, and much to your surprise, you find your name linked to several porn sites.

When you open the link you find your face superimposed over photos of nude women engaged in various sexual positions. Then imagine your shock and horror when you recognize someone else in those photos of people engaging in sex,your Mom!

This is what happened to a teen-aged girl in Nebraska back in December of 2006.

Twila Bloomingdale

Identified as "Shannon" the girl was 15-16 years old when the pictures of her were taken. The photos her mother, Twila Bloomingdale, is alleged to have lifted off the portion of just Shannon's face then superimposing it over other women's photos on porn sites. Photos of women engaging in sex acts.
She said she recalled her mother talking pictures of her from many different angles when she visited the home of her mother and the mother's boyfriend. Shannon said she was never photographed nude. Source - KETV

Mom in cubicle picture is probably not safe for work. If you want to see it, click this link.
Twila Bloomingdale (Cubicle Porn?)

"Shannon" told her father about the photos, together they contacted the police.

Investigators contacted the website administrator of one of the porn sites. He in turn, supplied emails written by "Shannon's" mother, Twila Bloomingdale, instructing the administrator on how to post the photos.

The authorities charged Bloomingdale with child porn and child abuse.
Bloomingdale pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Douglas County Court, where Judge Joseph Caniglia forwarded her case to Douglas County District Court. She had been arrested Saturday. She posted 10 percent of her $25,000 bail and was released.

Bloomingdale is charged with three counts of child pornography and one count of felony child abuse. The child pornography charges each carry prison terms of one to 20 years. The child abuse charge carries up to five years in prison. Source - Omaha World-Herald

Bloomingdale pleaded not guilty Tuesday at the Douglas County Courthouse. It's alleged Bloomingdale posted the "Shannon" photos at four different porn sites.

The detective later spoke with one of the adult Web site administrators, who told him that Bloomingdale first contacted him back in 2003 to post several of the naked pictures she had submitted.

In an Oct. 19, 2006, e-mail, Bloomingdale told the Web site administrator: "Precious few individuals know that (the girl) is my daughter, and I'd very much like to keep it that way. I know you'll respect that confidence. (She) is 20." Source - World Herald

"Shannon" was still a minor at the time. Apparently Bloomingdale tried to get the photos off one porn site after she contacted them via email last year.
"Someone is trying very hard to make trouble for me now with my workplace, community, and family!" an e-mail attributed to Twila Bloomingdale reads. ". . . My ex-husband is using photos of me against me, and especially the pics of (my daughter), maintaining that (they) show her when she was still 15 or 16, and I have more hassle than I can handle!" Source - World Herald

Bloomingdale was released after she posted 10% of her $25,000 bail.

"Shannon" has to deal with her mother's failure to be a mother.
"How can you drive your daughter home, smile, and tell her you love her, when you're doing that to her? I don't understand it," said Shannon. Source - KETV
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Source - Omaha World Herald - Mom Pleads Not Guilty in Porn Case
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Source - KETV


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