NIU Shootings: St. Valentine's Day Massacre Redeaux

79 years to the day after the first St. Valentine's Day Massacre, another one occurred near the city of Chicago.

This latter-day massacre didn't involve warring gangsters, but was another illustration of the effectiveness of gun free zones at keeping student populations safe.

Once again another gunman opened fire on more defenseless students in another gun free zone, killing six, including the gunman.

A witness said that her brother was in the lecture hall where the shooting happened. "He says that the gunman was a white male dressed in all black. He kicked the door in and opened fire. My brother dove under the desk, and popped his head up to see the gunman was reloading. He grabbed his girlfriend's hand and ran to the library where they been in lockdown since."

One more measure the authorities always take in gun free zones: lockdowns and public notification after the killing occur.
A gunman opened fire on a geology class at Northern Illinois University Thursday afternoon, killing five people before taking his own life on stage as panicked students ran and ducked for cover.

NIU President John Peters said a total of 22 people were shot, including the gunman. Four people, including the gunman, died at the scene; two others died later at area hospitals.

Earlier, the DeKalb County coroner's office had said seven people had died, but Friday morning, coroner Dennis Miller said that was incorrect.

The gunman was identified Friday as 27-year-old former student Steven Kazmierczak, according to Florida authorities and a source familiar with the investigation.

Lawmakers and university officials who erect gun free zones fail to understand human nature.

The lawless simply will find no one able to defend themselves in gun free zones: courtesy of the well-intentioned, but clueless administrators.

The only ones paying attention to the gun free zones are the law abiding. The lawless will always have weapons--illegal or not.

That's why they are called lawless.

by Mondoreb
image: RidesAPaleHorse
Source: 6 Dead in N. Illinois Massacre


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