Proof Fashion Designers Hate Women

It's time once again for the Spring Fashion Show in Europe and more proof designers not so secretly hate women. Based on these photos we're fairly certain some designers only design for other designers or for populations based on others planets, such as Uranus.

Reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the Wizard of Oz and other assorted fairy tales, we start off with London Fashion Week and "creations" by Luella.

Lovely, isn't she, in a sort of fairy tale, "wicked witch" sort of way...

Enchanting, another fairy tale motif, Hansel and Gretel style...

Who wouldn't want to be seen as the nouveau Court Jester?

Not to be outdone by the London Show, designers in Madrid took fashion to a whole new level. Okay, several new levels, straight to the stratosphere of Uranus.

The Madrid Fashion Show

Jose Miros and fashion for the Alien Woman

Antonio Alvardo and Form Meets Safety Pin Function...

Designer Antonio Alvarado's "Four Eyes" (creepy, in a hip sort of way)

Jose Miro does it again! We're not sure just what Jose did, but yes, he's done it again!

There you have it, more indisputable proof that fashion designers hate women. The clothes are creepy, the models look unhappy and we can't figure out who would buy them.

Another spring fashion show and proof that designers hate women.

Image - Vanessapx
Source - Seattle PI

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