Homeland Security: Beware of Pregnant Suicide Bombers

Coming to the USA: the latest in suicide bomber technique.

The Department of Homeland Security has sent out a reminder to law enforcement personnel of the increased use of female suicide bombers worldwide and warning them that the tactic may be used in America.

The reminder also warns of terrorists hiding explosives in devices that "mimic the look of a pregnant woman.”
The unclassified DHS threat assessment, released Monday and obtained by NBC News, shows photographs of “pregnancy prosthetics,” hollowed-out devices that could hold explosive devices. The report says “female suicide bombers have used devices that make them appear pregnant to hide explosive devices.”

The report also reminds law enforcement officials that terrorists are using female bombers more frequently, in part because these attacks generate “more widespread media exposure.”
It adds: “Continued use of female suicide bombers-the most recent example being a 3 February 2008 attack at the main railway station in Colombo, Sri Lanka-indicates that terrorists judge this tactic as effective in increasing defenses and thwarting security measures.”

The report, marked “For Official Use Only,” is one of dozens of threat assessments issued jointly throughout the year by DHS and the FBI. The authors are quick to mention that there’s no immediate threat to the U.S.

“DHS and the FBI have no specific, credible intelligence indicating that terrorist organizations intend to utilize female suicide bombers against targets in the Homeland,” they write.

So now we have to beware of the pregnant woman sitting beside us on the airplane or bus?

This is one of those stories that make the reader pine for "the good 'ol days".

by Mondoreb
[hat tip: Freedom's Phoenix]
image: gabbybabble
Source: DHS: Suicide Bombers May Use "Pregnancy" Prosthetics


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