Global Warming: Skeptics Shiver Throughout the South and Midwest

Carbon footprints buried in Ice, Snow

The forces of man-made climate change continue to wreck havoc with mankind.

This week, it's in the Midwest, South and parts of the West.

How long will it take the United Nations to pass a resolution calling on the U.S. Congress to tax somebody--anybody--to stop this madness.

With cold weather being blamed on global warming, thousands in the U.S. are stranded and shivering, left to ponder the folly of the continued use of fossil fuels.

Rescue crews riding snowmobiles and Sno-Cats delivered urgently needed food and medical supplies today to 17 Park County homes where residents have been stranded in their homes for a week by snow and high winds that have made rural roads impassable.

About 50 search and rescue team members from Jefferson, Clear Creek and Arapahoe counties aided Park County officials in reaching people in areas where blizzardlike conditions on the ground have sealed in residents. About 100 people have been stranded at their homes since Super Bowl Sunday when a series of storms pounded the area, repeatedly dropping between two to 10 inches of snow.

Officials are hoping the governor declares a state of emergency for Park County so it can get larger plows to clear roads of mountains of snow that has fallen in the area.

The county has seven large plows, but officials hope to use specialized snow-moving equipment from the Colorado Department of Transportation if an emergency is declared. The county's Office of Emergency Management was activated Monday.

Officials said that at least 7 feet of snow has collected in some parts of the county since Thanksgiving. High winds and strong storms have made matters worse.

Today's predicted snowfall won 't simply be the 41st day of measurable snow accumulation this winter.

If, as the National Weather Service is forecasting, another 3 to 5 inches of snow falls on southern Wisconsin by the time the storm blows through Tuesday morning, it will put the winter of 2007-08 into the record books as Madison 's snowiest.

Or as some weary residents might call it, the most cursed.

Ice and snow on the roads prompted Greyhound to cancel dozens of trips, stranding about 100 Greyhound bus passengers overnight in Chicago, officials said.

Nearly 40 trips were canceled Monday, including about six trips to and from Chicago's four stations, Greyhound's Web site stated. Some of those trips are rescheduled for Tuesday, although Greyhound has suspended ticket sales to several Midwest cities.

It was so cold Sunday in the upper Midwest, and visibility was so poor in blowing snow, that church services were called off in parts of Michigan. At noon, thermometers in one North Dakota town still registered minus 20.

The wind and cold blanketed the Dakotas and much of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Subzero temperatures at midday extended into northern Iowa, the National Weather Service said. Snow whipped up by the biting wind created hazardous driving conditions Sunday in Michigan.

State police said the five-mile-long Mackinac Bridge was closed because of whiteout conditions, and the sheriff’s office in southwest Michigan’s Cass County said visibility was less than 20 feet.

Many churches across western Michigan canceled services.

Schools are closed and roads are treacherous in a region stretching from Illinois to West Virginia amid a winter storm that's dumping snow and freezing rain.

An icy five-mile stretch of an Indiana interstate has been shut down after more than a dozen accidents within an hour.

Schools are closed in much of West Virginia and Ohio. Some parts of northern Ohio are expecting up to eight inches of snow.

In Kentucky, more than 13,000 customers are reported to be without power.

This latest round of anecdotal evidence of global warming should convince even the most skeptical that more regulations and taxes are needed to combat this coming catastrophe.

The human cost in suffering will move some city somewhere, perhaps Berkeley or Boulder, to pass a resolution.

Will someone not do something?

It's obvious we're running out of time.

by Mondoreb & RidesAPaleHorse
image: RidesAPaleHorse
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