Clinton & Obama Astrology Forecast - Feb 14th, 2008

Under the star's benevolence, who will receive celestial glad tidings and the key to the White House?

We thought it was time to look once again at the frontrunners of the 2008 Presidential election and their astrological forecasts. As Hillary Clinton and Obama Barack battle it out in the Democratic primaries will the "stars" affect them in different ways?

Hillary Clinton, using Birth time as 8:02 AM, Tropical Placidus Natal Chart
Feb. 17th Mars Conjunct Uranus
Actions can be taken without due thought or consideration, and this can create future difficulties, through following unwise choices. A lack of sensitivity to others, and a diminution of common sense, can occur; and you may look for ways to release the sudden pressure that can rapidly build up inside you. In extreme cases, this can be expressed through explosions of temper and anger at any provocation, even to the point of physical violence; certainly attempts to release the energy through verbal and emotionally directed violence towards a partner are common. Source - Astrology Weekly
Hillary may find herself being abrupt and rude with others. Hillary's drive for freedom and authority may find her acting rash and headstrong.

Feb 18. Venus Sextile Jupiter
You may find solutions to whatever problems you have. You will feel social and gregarious.

Barack Obama, Birth time 12 AM, Tropical Placidus Natal Chart

Feb. 14 Sun Oppose Uranus
While you tend to insist that your will is paramount, you really need to learn effective forms of social compromise, realizing your misapprehension of being the all-important center of the universe, which is symptomatic of an imbalanced Sun.
Feb. 16 Mercury Square Neptune
Whilst you may often have insight into the motivations of others, you need greater clarity in your own nature. Relationships may remain problematical for you until some degree of personal change has been achieved, and you may be advised to be cautious within your emotional commitments. This is basically because of elements of illusion that can afflict you, and that tendency to avoid facing facts that you do not want to see, such as the fundamental that a relationship is not mutually satisfying if you need it to continue.
Feb. 18th Venus Oppose Mercury
Sexual activity without emotional involvement may attract if opportunities present themselves, and may possibly be taken to gain some sense of security and attention from others, as well as for pleasure. Excessive food consumption or denial through anorexia may also act as compensatory actions. Passivity in relationships might be adopted, so that rejections caused by another's displeasure or conflicts created by your assertiveness are minimized.
Feb. 18 Venus Conjunct Jupiter
Your breezy disposition and warm nature make you popular with almost everybody. You are too easy-going, though, and some individuals may try to take advantage of you. However, you are rarely embittered by such negative encounters. You seek and are sought after by people who are also self-assured and who expect to succeed. Source - Astrology Weekly
Feb 19. Jupiter Trine Ascendant (Feb 14 - Feb 25)
A very good time for Obama, as his ability to express himself openly and confidently garners him even more support. He will face no resistance for his plans and will win respect and admiration from others.

As we have seen this past week, momentum has swung in Obama's direction while Hillary has been frustrated by Obama's primary wins.

As of today Obama has pulled ahead of Hillary in the number of delegates needed to win the nod at the DNC convention with 1253 to Hillary's 1211.

Obama is seen as a great orator whose messages of hope inspire voters to envision the future of a more positive America while Hillary is seen as having to fight tooth and nail to get her own "message" out there, every tear, frown and frustration amplified under the MSM microscope.

Obama's Jupiter Trine Ascendent is working in tandem with his already smooth delivery style while Hillary's Mars conjunct Uranus works against her, bringing forth frustrations and limitations which spill over into the area of confidence, so sorely needed during the pressure-cooker lifestyle of running for office, especially that of the President.

At this point the stars are favoring Obama while placing obstacles on Hillary. Since some transits seem to be short lived, it remains to be seen if the stars continue their support of Obama or if Hillary's internal struggles to remain confident continue to plague her.

Next up, the Republican frontrunners, McCain and Huckabee.


Source - Astrology Weekly
Image - Celestial Queen

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