Western Colorado Buck Tussle

Happy Holidays From The Colorado High Country

I got a shot of these two big boys tussling in front of the house. The larger buck, I've named Big Boy. He and his erstwhile opponent got into a scrap over the ladies. They took turns stomping their hooves, attacking trees and bushes and huffing at each other until Big Boy jumped the fence and let the other buck have it.

Big Boy shows up every year in the fall and stays until the first thaw up in the West Elk Mountains. The elk have returned too. Every now and then I hear the bulls bugle to one another along the ridge.

The weather forecast calls for up to five foot of snow in the high country. So far the snow line is up around 9,000 ft. It's been raining heavily here all night and dumping the white stuff up higher.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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