Past Media Darlings McCain, Dean Might Warn Huckabee: The Press Is A Fickle Lover

Any candidate that is the media's darling ought to start looking over his shoulder.

Mike Huckabee has joined the ranks of such early campaign 'Media Next Big Things' as John Dean and John McCain. Both fascinated the media in early campaigning.

They fascinated the voters to a lesser extent.

Candidates should beware when journalists trot out that Pre-Primary Label of Doom--"groundswell". As in what reporters think they'd hear, if they had put their ears to the grounds anywhere other than the in press tent.

Also, unlike Iraqi War strategy, this is one "surge" they can get behind.

Huckabee is the latest groundsweller. The word usually signifies the support a candidate suddenly receives from press regulars tired of writing about nothing.

At least the NY Times' ADAM NAGOURNEY had the good sense to dampen some of the recent enthusiasm showered on the former Arkansas governor in the press.

Nagourney started out upbeat.
“We’ve been waiting a long time for this to happen,” Mr. Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas, said by telephone Sunday as he prepared to board an airplane here. “It’s everything we’ve been working for.”
The article showcases some concerns of the Huckabee campaign.

The biggest concern should be the one that journalists point to while touting Huck as the Next Big Thing.
The Des Moines Register’s poll found that support for Mr. Huckabee had gone from 12 percent in October to 29 percent now. That and other recent polls suggest that Mr. Huckabee and Mr. Romney are in an extremely tight contest. That showing came despite the fact that Mr. Huckabee has been hugely outspent by Mr. Romney on television and has not campaigned in Iowa since Nov. 8.
All the breathless reporting of Huckabee centers around the fact that his poll numbers are up to--29%?

In Iowa.

In December.

This Huckabee press spin is nice; be reminded though, the attention showered today can quickly disappear when another candidate starts looking "sexier".

Still, one can't begrudge the attention Mike Huckabee's been getting lately: he's a likable fellow and the news people do need something to write about. It's really harmless fun when you think about it. Still, Mike Huckabee might want to cast a backwards glance over his shoulder.

Just to see if anybody other than the press is back there.


New York Times - Mike Huckabee, Lonely No More

by Mondoreb
[image: New York Times]


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