Attorney Sues Website That Claimed He Was A Cheater

An attorney has sued a website charging it had "defamed him by publishing false and malicious statements." [1]

The web site, "Don' boasts 600,000 registered users and over a million hits a day. Anonymous posters can submit photos and names of men and then post comments such as "he's a cheater, gay, has herpes" and other various sundries.

The attorney claims that his profile was added to the website where allegations of him being gay, unclean, and consorting with women in every "zip code."

This raises the question of the veracity of the "posters." What if the person was seeking revenge from being dumped? What safeguards are in place to protect the men from false claims posted on this site?

Perhaps men could design a new website in their defense. They could call it, Don'tfallforDon' or Don'tDateHimGirlIsFullof$##$ or Don'

Source - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Lawyer sues again over Web site he says defamed him

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