One Year Out: How Have the Dems Done?

It's been one year since Democrats won the 2006 elections. As Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) points out:
One year ago, when they took control of Congress, House Democrats made many promises. Most of all, Democrats promised you that they were ready to govern – over the past year it has become all too clear that they have let you down.

Take a moment to watch our latest web video, which highlights the performance of House Democrats over the past year. With an 11 percent approval rating, the lowest in recorded history, it’s no wonder that Speaker Pelosi recently remarked, "I know that Congress has low approval ratings, I don’t approve of Congress, because we haven’t done anything."
This may be the solitary instance when we've heartily agreed with Nancy Peolosi.

Watch the video and make up your mind. Were the Democrats right to commission RAPH for a new symbol?

What do you think?

by Mondoreb
[graphic: RidesAPaleHorse; video: ericcantor]


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