CBS Evening News, Initiative Opponents Team Up For Lesson in Investigative Journalism

CBS Evening News Features Courage Campaign Derring-Do

The crack investigative ethic at CBS Evening News, the Courage Campaign, and DailyKOS combine to bust initiative workers and Crooks and Liars brings in a guest to hand out the plaudits.
It is not every day that something from a blog post ends up in the CBS Evening News, but then again using children with cancer to try and steal the White House is pretty egregious. A diarist at Daily Kos noticed that the dirty tricksters, who are advancing an initiative that would switch 20 of California’s electoral college votes to the Republicans were using children’s cancer as a bait-and-switch to get people to sign the initiative and place it on the ballot. The Courage Campaign sent a film crew led by Erik Love to go tape Arno’s signature gatherers (pdf) and we caught them red-handed.

Julia Rosen is the Political Director for the Courage Campaign. CBS Evening News' Dan Rather urged viewers with his trademark: "Courage". Rosen then congratulates soulmate CBS for its courage--well, okay, the pub CC received, anyway.
That video was featured in the weekend edition of the CBS Evening news. Watch the clip. It is a particularly good segment on the initiative. And special thanks to John for grabbing that clip for us.
Of course, Rosen is right: this is a textbook example of how journalists safeguard the Republic from the misdeeds of those who plead for initiative signers. CBS Evening News, alerted by DailyKOS, abetted by the Courage Campaign, is once again a hotbed of investigative innovation.

Hundreds of dishwashers and busboys, who barely speak English, pony up $2300 apiece to Hillary Clinton's campaign: that's not quite so interesting a story.

But CBS is to be applauded. As Rosen points out: opponents busting initiative workers doesn't happen every day.

The chicanery of Clinton campaign fund-raising is old news.

by Mondoreb
Source: Dirty Tricksters Caught on Video: CBS Evening News Edition


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