Iran Tells Canadian Ambassador To Take A Hike

A tale of countries, two embassies, and no Ambassadors. The Iranians ordered the Canadian Ambassador to pack his bags and catch the red-eye back home. Even though Iran has expelled the Canadian ambassador the Canadian Embassy will remain open, run by the charge d'affair.
OTTAWA – Canada's ambassador to Iran has been ordered to leave the country, Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier said in a statement late Monday.

Bernier says the decision is entirely unjustifiable.

The statement says Ottawa will continue to monitor the well-being of the other embassy staff in Tehran. [1]

Canada has refused to "accept" the candidates that Iran has proposed.

What was missing from the Star article was the reason behind the "cold shoulder" given to Iran from Canada. From the BBC:
Relations between the two countries have been strained since a Canadian-Iranian journalist died in police custody in Iran in 2003.

In November, the UN passed a Canadian-sponsored resolution condemning Iran's "systematic violations of human rights". [2]
No word yet from Iran as to why they chose to expel the Canadian Ambassador. At this juncture it's become an 'Ambasssadorial Impasse.'

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Source - 2- BBC - Iran 'expels Canadian ambassador'

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