Taser Parties: Shocking Success

Let's get this Taser Party started...

Tired of Tupperware and looking for something different? Haven't felt safe and you're looking for something in personal protection? Now address both concerns in one fell swoop: Throw a home Taser party!

TASER devices utilize compressed nitrogen to project two small probes up to various ranges of 15, 21, 25 or 35 feet only 15 foot cartridges are sold to citizens) at a speed of over 160 feet per second. These probes are connected to the TASER device by insulated wire. An electrical signal is transmitted through the wires to where the probes make contact with the body or clothing, resulting in an immediate loss of the person’s neuromuscular control and the ability to perform coordinated action for the duration of the impulse.[2]
Tupperware, Top Secret Lingerie, and now Tasers, home "parties" have evolved.

Dana Shafman, founder of Shieldher Inc., has recently started sponsoring Taser parties, giving women a chance to buy Tasers for $300, or $350 with a laser beam to help with aiming.

Shafman's parties allow women to get together to discuss concerns and learn about the Taser C2, the newest consumer Taser that is similar to the device police officers use. "I felt that we have Tupperware parties and candle parties to protect our food and house, so why not have a Taser party to learn how to protect our lives and bodies," Shafman said. [1]

The Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco and Firearms has stated that TASER ECDs are non-firearms in 1998 and in 1994. [2]
By invitation only, no booze, and no humans tasered, Shafman's the only Taser party coordinator in the country.
Conducted electrical weapons (CEWs) are used by law enforcement to subdue combative subjects. Occasionally, subjects will die after a CEW has been used on them. It is theorized that CEWs may contribute to these deaths by impairing respiration. [2]
Tupperware, lingerie, and now Tasers. One wonders what's next on the home party horizon?

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