Prosecutors Accused Of Being Child Predators Commit Suicide

The Tale Of Two Alleged Predators Posing As Prosecutors

Last October Assistant Federal Prosecutor John Atkinson killed himself after he was caught in a child sex sting.

In today's Houston Chronicle it was reported that child porn was found in a former District Attorney in Texas's home. Fifty seven year-old Louis “Bill” Conradt Jr., caught up in an internet child sex solicitation sting, shot himself last year when the cops showed up at his door.

Atchison’s perverse background was exposed when he was arrested and then arraigned September 17th in U.S. District Court in Detroit. The irony was that Atchison was an assistant U.S. Attorney from the northern district court of Florida.

According to the police Atchison solicited an undercover officer posing as a mother for the opportunity to have “sex” with her five-year-old daughter.

Atchison was arrested at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport and charged with “enticement of a minor to engage in sexual activity.”
In deposition, detectives said Atchison suggested the mother tell her daughter that "you found her a sweet boyfriend who will bring her presents."

The undercover detective expressed concern about physical injury to the 5-year-old girl as a result of the sexual activity. Detectives said Atchison responded, " I am always gentle and loving; not to worry, no damage ever, no rough stuff ever. I only like it soft and nice."

The undercover detective asked how Atchison can be certain of no injury. He responded, "Just gotta go slow and very easy. I've done it plenty," according to detectives. Click On Detroit
Conradt, former Kaufman County District Attorney, was caught in an internet sting put together by the NBC show Dateline and the group, Perverted Justice. Conradt was accused of chatting online in a sexual manner with underage kids. A house was set up where those chatting online with the undercover adults were told they could meet the child. When Conradt failed to show up the cops went to his house armed with a search warrant and a Dateline camera crew.
The state investigation into Conradt's death found evidence of the online graphic chats, according to a Texas Department of Public Safety report released to The Dallas Morning News. The chat logs covered topics such as sex, erections and masturbation, according to the investigation.

Also, three laptops, a cell phone and several computer disks found in the home "all contained pornographic material (and) some included child pornography," according to the state's investigation.

The Texas Department of Public Safety asked the state attorney general to allow it to withhold some of the report's contents because it "contains images the Department believes may constitute child pornography."

The attorney general's office granted the request, saying: "The submitted documents consist of photographs of unidentified males who generally appear to be juveniles.
Houston Chronicle

Atchison hanged himself in prison on October 5th. He wrapped a bedsheet around the showerhead of his cell. He was 54 years old. Conradt shot himself in his home. He was 57.

Because they chose suicide neither man had a trial nor conviction, left in the land of the "alleged." This raises a point, both these men were prosecutors. If they were, in fact, pedophiles, what about the cases they prosecuted? Did any those cases involve child sex and/or child pornography cases?

Some might claim that these men were "unjustly" accused and therefore felt killing themselves was their only way out.

Others might have the opinion that these two men, when caught, took the only way they knew out. The fate of child molesters in prison is not a pretty one.

These two cases highlight the fact that predators can be found anywhere in our society. If these two men had been convicted then we would have had known predators in charge of prosecuting their fellow child molesters and pornographers.

As for Achison and Conradt, they chose a different route. Why did they choose suicide instead of trusting the legal system, their own profession? Why didn't they feel they could trust the courts where a man is innocent until proven guilty?


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