CBS Writers Strike: Bad News for Katie Couric

Falling viewership for CBS, falling ratings for CBS Evening News, the CBS News writers vote to strike and visions of poor Katie, shivering in the shadows: will it come to that?

From Reuters CBS News Writers Authorize Union to Call Strike:

CBS News writers, producers and editors voted to authorize their labor union to call a strike after working without a contract for two years.
Meanwhile, some are saying this is a horrible time for a strike--especially for Katie Couric. From Bloomberg, "CBS Writers Authorize Negotiators to Call Strike:"
``That couldn't come at a worse time,'' said Brad Adgate, research director at Horizon Media, an advertising agency in New York. ``Katie Couric has been struggling. CBS is in last place in the evening news. It's in last place in the early morning. This isn't going to help.''

The writers have been working somewhere around two years without a contract. It makes one wonder how long the news anchors would do that. So, lastly this from the LA Times, "CBS Writers to Strike"
"It's a very powerful vote," said Michael Winship, president of the WGA East. "It proves that the CBS News folks have reached a point where they have taken this situation in their own hands and recognized that they need to get a contract, whatever needs to be done."

Maybe she could see if she's too late to get in on some Dan Rather-like action.

by Mondoreb
[graphic & legwork: RidesAPaleHorse]


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