Democrat Congress Takes a Vacation, Military Funding Takes it On the Chin

[Above]: Democrat leaders go on vacation; troops abandoned in the field

Congressional Democrats demonstrated what they do best: nothing.

Well, vacation is a break from work and that's what they did. Of course, it's hard to tell from their list of accomplishments(sic) when this Congress is in session or when it's recessed.

Normally, the fact that Congress is not in session is to be applauded: if America needs one thing less than a terrorist attack, it's another law. The "there ought to be a law" mentality is perfect for both trial lawyers and those to lazy to think of alternatives or unintended consequences of new laws. Congress not in session equals no laws being written.

But this Congress has left a standing U.S. Army in the field, in need of funds. While members of Congress are out pursuing votes, the military will out pursuing funds. More on this latest example of how this Congress supports the troops from Wake Up America's Congress Goes on Vacation and Abandons the Troops:
They failed in their 41st attempt to force an immediate withdrawal and they went on vacation without passing the bill to fund our troops in the field, even after Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned them what the ramifications of such actions would do to our military.

Basically they are determined to punish our troops for doing the unthinkable and succeeding in Iraq, which even the die hard liberal media outlets are blasting across their front pages because the progress is undeniable.
Next time you a Democrat leader uses the word 'historic' in relation to this Congress, give them their due.

It would be the first time an army, victorious on the field of battle, has been de-funded by it's own country in an effort to reverse the victory.

by Mondoreb


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