Muscular Bronze Horse Statue Sports Human Package

Those crazy Russians.

Once they got a taste of the decadent West, it seems they enthusiastically joined in the fun. At least they picked up a maxim of the advertising industry: sex sells.

At first, it was hard to decide if this story was a spoof or not: after all, the artist is named "Maxim Dikinov". But the photos were real enough, so as always, we'll leave it up to the reader.
A bronze sculpture of a stallion holding a piece of rail in its mouth was built last week in the yard of Yar Hotel situated at the entrance to the Russian town of Voronezh. The 3.5-meter-high statue weighs more than 3 tons. The stallion has a short-cut tail and the well-marked reproductive organ which greatly resembles the one of a man.

Maxim Dikunov named his stallion Yaryzh and said that it symbolizes the struggle between nature and civilization.

Of course, an artist is usually proud of his creations. After working many hours, a vision is made real.

But what about the artist's parents? What do they think?
According to Maxim’s mother, the management of Yar Hotel arranged a contest to choose the sculpture which could perfectly express the atmosphere of the hotel. A lot of sketches were suggested to the hotel Muscular bronze stallion with weird human genitalia advertises provincial hotel administration. Finally they choose the stallion.

When the sculptor’s father was asked about the stallion’s human sex organ he said that “it is just a matter of nature and peopel should not stick noses in it.”

One can understand a parent being proud of their offspring; it's more difficult to explain the reaction of the Yar Hotel's director. She seems downright gleeful at her property's purchase.
Yana Chernyshova, the hotel’s director, said she "liked this sculpture very much. The artist exceeded expectations."

When she saw the sculpture she realized that it was "exactly" what she wanted.

We'll have the good taste not mention that Catherine the Great was also Russian.

Source: Muscular bronze stallion with weird human genitalia advertises provincial hotel

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