Santa Saved By Conroe Firefighters

Fireplaces may be a piece of cake for St. Nick but extreme sports was not his forte last Sunday in Conroe, Texas.

As a part of Conroe’s annual tree lighting ceremony, a man dressed as Santa was repelling to the ground from an 80-foot sign when things got scary.

The jolly old elf got his beard caught on the line, and ended up hanging 30 feet in the air by the hair on his chinny chin chin!

With nary a whisker lost, Conroe firefighters saved Santa in front of the audience of cheering kids.

Kudos to Conroe's finest.

One last thought from DBTP: We can't help but notice that every year the Holiday "season" begins a little bit earlier than the previous one. Stores put out Christmas merchandise right after Halloween. In our opinion this rush to get "Christmas" on the shelves leads to "Holiday" overload and over-saturation. By the time Christmas rolls around we've been inundated by tinny X-Mas songs over store speakers for over a period of two months. Whatever Christmas used to mean has been replaced by crass commercialism.

By the time December 25th rolls around people are stressed out with maxed out credit and faked good will. Merchants will continue to push Christmas on us earlier than the previous year because it's been shown that the X-Mas season is their most profitable season.

Oh well. Happy Holidays Everyone

Source - KHOU NEWS - Conroe Firefighters Save Santa
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