Condom Creations Raise AIDS Awareness

CSU's Cherokee Park Ballroom filled with laughter as visitors attempted to demonstrate their ability to use condoms at the table in the back on Nov. 29.

If you give out free condoms they will come...

Artwork made out of condoms was impossible to miss on the way to the bananas and wooden phallus awaiting safe sex demonstrations.
Carrie Reilly and Laura KinCannon spent four hours creating a dress made out of condom packets. "The Stoplight" earned the pair first place in the clothing competition at the Condom Concoction Competition.

"We just did this for fun," said Reilly, who modeled the outfit, complete with condom earrings and condoms worn over her pigtails.

Lynn Kalert, a member of the committee for the Condom Concoction Competition and an employee of Hartshorn Health Service, said that the event was thought up by CSU students to raise awareness of the AIDS/HIV pandemic. Premium Condoms donated the colored condoms used in the artwork.

An Eiffel Tower made of condoms and a picnic basket featuring "condom-ments" like relish and mustard also won awards.

A good cause so no condomnation here!


Source - Rocky Mountain Post
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Image [Rocky Mountain Post]
Image [Rocky Mountain Post]

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