Mitt Romney's Muslim Remark: Fodder For Pundits, Voters Yawn

The Presidential Election Flea And Tick Circus is in full swing. The "big buzz" in Politico Land? It's supposedly a remark made by Mitt Romney over whether he'd have a "Muslim in his cabinet."

Michelle Malkin wrote a terrific piece. Short and sweet and to the point:
Well, we will see what Romney is made of in the aftermath of this kerfuffle. Will he back away from supporting common-sense national security profiling? Or will he continue to speak hard truths about what’s needed to win the war on jihad at home?
In their zeal to "expose" Mitt as some sort of semi-quasi backroom racist they overlook one very important point. The majority of the voters may not feel the "need" to have a Muslim in the Presidential cabinet. In fact they might just feel the opposite. They also might be in the market for a Presidential candidate who feels he doesn't have to place certain members in his cabinet in order to appease a segment of our society.

It's a matter of priorities. When we vote, we vote our own, it's as simple as that.

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